Tips for setting up a garage sale.

by kaydn

  • Garage sale

I was sitting near my storage room at 7.30 in the morning waiting for someone else to start taking out their things for the garage sale. I was nervous. What if no one came? It would be a huge waste of time. Nearly 8 am, I saw a couple of cars circling my area yet no one had started their garage sale. People normally started around that time so I decided to set up with my sister. People swarmed in and started to bargain for prices. It was so stressful. Things I learned from the garage sale.

  1. If they ask for a ridiculous price say no! My first two sales were horrible. I sold a filter and a new blender for 30 dollars together. It could be sold for 30 dollars each. They were the two most expensive things I had to sell.
  2. If there’s loads of others having a garage sale or have many buyers itching to get things. Very excited buyers are stressful. Set up very early before they arrive or open later when they are preying on the first opener or tell them to not touch things until you finish setting up.
  3. People can take stuff for free if you’re not looking so always be there and watch people.
  4. Fixed prices do not work. I did that. Prices went out of the window when I started selling. It’s a good idea to just know the minimum price you are willing to accept.  You just want to get rid of things at the end of the day while making money along the way.

It was a success for me. I stopped selling at 11 am. I made $184 in total. $92 for me and $92 for my sister. That’s good enough for me. Planning to do another one next sunday.

  • I did a page of notes for economics about firms. Just testing the way I write my notes and trying to improve it while practicing my new handwriting.
  • EPQ

I wrote about 500 more words. I think my dissertation is going to be more than 5000 words.